Monday, February 29, 2016


I love boyfriend style and I am happy with the whole gender blur trend. Chinos, biker jackets, and checked shirts are some of the favorite pieces from my wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong—I like to dress up for special occasions, but men’s fashion seems to be more functional for everyday use. What I like the most is that men’s clothes are designed with pockets you can actually fit stuff in.

The newest addition to my boyfriend style wardrobe is a Wool Felt Fedora available here Century 21 and here Original Penguin. I have to admit that sometimes I buy hats that I end up not wearing. However, I can’t get enough of this one. It goes well with casual outfits and it’s perfect for sunny but kind of cool days like last weekend in NYC.

Last Sunday, Mariusz and I were not sure where we were heading when we were leaving our apartment in Queens. All we know it was a sunny day and we wanted to get as much sun as possible. I didn't think much before I layered a check shirt with a burgundy top and paired it with navy chinos. The jacket and the hat I grabbed at the last minute. On our way to the car, Mariusz came up with an idea to drive to Coney Island. Ocean air and watching waves always relax me, so I agreed without any hesitation. 

Coney Island 

We ended this beautiful day with dinner at Bareburger. You have to try their burgers if you didn’t yet. Honestly, they serve the best burgers in New York—and I like their organic approach to food.

Eating Country Fair Burger at Bareburger


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