Sunday, October 6, 2013

Way to Dress Up a Table – Wedding Décor

Last week I attended a beautiful wedding in Southampton. Images were taken with my old camera phone, so the quality is poor, but I wanted to share with you this magnificent wedding décor. The combination of blush, white, and slicer is very romantic and is one of my favorite color themes for weddings. I love the lace detail on menu cards and silver embellishment on charger plates. Floral arrangements are made from Dahlias, Garden Roses, and Hydrangeas.


  1. I love the small details! Honestly I feel that it's the small details that make things so special!

    So glad I found your fun post.

    Wedding Decor

    1. I am happy you said that :) The images aren't the best quality, so I wasn't sure if I should post them. I agree that small details make the difference between good and amazing! Let me know if you need contact to the event planner that organized this beautiful venue.