Monday, June 5, 2017

Top 5 Culinary Trends in 2017

1. Imperfect-Perfect Fruits and Vegetables

It used to be that gnarled carrots and funky, misshapen apples didn’t meet major retailers’ beauty standards. Now, chefs and food stylists embrace flawed fruits and vegetables more than ever. Images of beautifully imperfect veggies are becoming popular on culinary Instagram accounts. Caterers use uniquely shaped vegetables as centerpieces on their rustic buffets. Following the trend, major retailers started selling misshapen fruits and vegetables in their stores.

2. Nondairy Milk

The most popular nondairy milk include almond, soy, rice, and coconut. More recent additions to the market are hemp milk and pistachio milk. More and more people have an intolerance to dairy. Others believe that dairy-free milk is a more humane choice. Whatever the reason providing nondairy milk options with morning coffee is becoming standard in New York City.

3. Naked Cake

The naked cake is simply a cake with exposed sides, showcasing all the layers in between. Naked cakes are often decorated on top with berries and edible flowers. We will see the naked cake trend in wedding cakes throughout this year.

4. Poke

Poke is deconstructed sushi. Poke, originating in Hawaii, where it is eaten as the cubed fish on its own or served over a bowl of sushi rice. Increasingly popular ahi poke is generally made from raw yellowfin tuna, complemented with seasonings, and rice.

5. Low-Alcohol Cocktails

Low-alcohol drinks have an alcoholic strength by volume (ABV) of between 0.5 and 1.2% so you can enjoy these cocktails without worrying that you’re having too much to drink. Low-octane cocktails, like Rosé Spritzer, are breezy cocktails that pack more flavor than potency. It’s more about social drinking and enjoying time with your friends than getting drunk.

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